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two waves in phase will reinforce, create a pulsing beating heart; a hum – in neither, only in both- vanish’d when they are sound apart. note this: four notes are yes, a chord, a living vibrant harmony, with overtones not conscious heard, absent in individuality. falling trees fall silently, if no one hears their great […]

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tall ship


you are the compass that offers direction you are the rudder that shifts the course you are the sails that bear life forward you are the the mast that holds aloft you are the scope showing far futures you are the anchor preventing drift you are the wood making it whole you are the pitch […]

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Advice to High School Poets

To write winning poems when you are young bombastic adjectives must roll of your tongue: “winsome”, “alabaster”, don’t write from the heart but from a thesaurus, yes, go there to start. Give but scant attention, to meter or time, forget about iambs, just fret about rhyme. The judges are ageing, so woo them with pathos, […]

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Love Poem #2

I wrote this poem on Tuesday night after getting off the phone to a friend from my home town of Adelaide. I haven’t written much poetry of late so this was welcome. I wasn’t going to put it up quite so soon, but what with the giddy feeling of being ‘freshly pressed’, I figure I […]

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black and white

The day is monochrome at dawn, the lightless night, of black and white, shows form, huddled, sleeping and warm, textures that are my life’s delight. Shrouded in black, a cold girl does lay, On crumpled sheets, she shivers, off-white, Her eyes, once green, are flinty grey, My eyes paint colour in the fading sight. The […]

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the world’s own soul, it shines in you, as you swift and fleet from friend to place. your phoenix life in service spent- an inward-out beauty through and through secret source of strength, you stride and learn, and teach, and make, and do. unique and yet shared with so many, yourself is principle applied. the […]

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I Am

I wrote this poem in around the New Year, in 2011. I was at an AYCC event in Sydney, strategy or training or some such. As an exercise to acquaint us, each of us was given the same sentences to answer. I think I’m the only person who wrote a poem. I am from the […]

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inside out

Outside in the wild astride my bike I hold you goodbye and the wind cries mary while I bike away the future is written soon we will read of a muted parting a grey dumb dejection by a sculpture, there you kissed me last by a sculpture, you spoke for me I laughed I cried […]

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