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Loving Humanity, or, How We Win

It’s weird reading this now. I wrote it around 17-9-2011 (although I’ve revised it for re-posting; my expression is now much better!). Since finishing employment with the AYCC in February of this year, I’ve been much less involved in the climate scene, and, for a time, I thought it could be a long-term separation. I […]

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the world’s own soul, it shines in you, as you swift and fleet from friend to place. your phoenix life in service spent- an inward-out beauty through and through secret source of strength, you stride and learn, and teach, and make, and do. unique and yet shared with so many, yourself is principle applied. the […]

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I Am

I wrote this poem in around the New Year, in 2011. I was at an AYCC event in Sydney, strategy or training or some such. As an exercise to acquaint us, each of us was given the same sentences to answer. I think I’m the only person who wrote a poem. I am from the […]

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