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Book 14: “Motherhood”, Anne Manne

Allow me to begin with an analogy. Let’s pretend you are a cyclist. You’re trying to decide which route to take to your destination. The obvious option is to take the road, to face off against the cars and the pollution and struggle in a game that is based on their laws and their somewhat […]

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So I bought a Kindle eReader

I got a Kindle eReader recently and shortly afterwards finished my first whole book using it – Dickens’ Great Expectations (conveniently available for free due to some aspect of Copyright law I barely understand, but deeply appreciate.) Buying a Kindle was a tense decision for me: I’m both a bibliophile and a technophile. I love […]

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“The Ethical Slut”, Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy: Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships

Dossie Easton’s and Janet Hardy’s The Ethical Slut: A practical guide to polyamory, open relationships, and other adventures is a book I read when I was too young for it. As I recall, at the time the person I borrowed it from was living in a small place in Seaview, so I can date the […]

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Book 11: “Tuesdays with Morrie”, Mitch Albon

What this book did for me is very circumstantial. I was given it by one of my dearest friends, with whom I have had many a reflective and insightful conversation. She and I talk about many a thing: love, family, friendship, power, climate change, relationships, and how we like our tea. So, this book contained […]

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“Getting to Yes”, Roger Fisher and William Ury: Principled Bargaining

I decided to read Roger Fisher’s and William Ury’s Getting to Yes because 2011 presented me with two of the weightiest negotiations of my life. Of course, negotiation is nothing new to me nor to anyone. Whether asking for lower prices at a Fringe show, talking one’s way out of a tricky situation, or discussing […]

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Book Review: “The Great Gatenby”, John Marsden

To understand my relationship to The Great Gatenby, you have to be aware that it was a mainstay of my childhood literary-ness. Not necessarily in the sense that it made a profound impact on me, but in the sense that it seemed to somehow always be on the bookshelf when I wanted a quick read […]

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Book 8: “Mister Pip”, Lloyd Jones

I was given this book apropos of nothing. It was a gift for my 21st, and whereas other book gifts existed in some sort of context – a shared interest in Noam Chomsky, or an actor giving me a book on creative activism – this one appeared on its own. But I’m not one to […]

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“Planet Word”, J. P. Davidson: On Language

J. P. Davidson’s Planet Word maintained the reputation of books about language as highly enjoyable reads. The first book I read on philology,¬†Wordwatching, I finished late last year. It’s fairer to say it devoured me than vice-versa; I promptly ordered a copy for my philologically-inclined papa. Until then I hadn’t quite grasped that a casual […]

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Anna Rose Above It

So last night (April 26th) I had the pleasure of watching the ABC’s climate special. This involved their documentary, “I Can Change Your Mind…On Climate”, in which delayer Nick Minchin and advocate Anna Rose flit about the world talking to climate scientists who accept the climate science, and recreational bloggers or political pundits, who dispute […]

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On Punch

I can gladly say that my childhood memories are cheerily replete with home-made punch. Growing up, the making of punch was one of the rituals that signified a grand occasion. We had punch at birthdays, Christmas brunches, parties. I remember the alchemic and exciting process that allowed this to happen: the preparation of cold tea; […]

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