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On having arrived, for now at least

Two conversations come to mind. The earliest: I’m at the piano, playing Ben Folds’ “Still Fighting It”, singing “It sucks to grow-up”. My sister earnestly tells me that the song is wrong. Apparently, my older brother Rowan had said so – “and he’s grown up.” Confident in the experience of my teenage self, I retorted […]

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Supporters of marriage equality packed into the reception room to see the bill be passed.

Equality is worth it

October 22 2013 is one of those days that history won’t forget. On that day the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Marriage Equality Bill 2013, serving to end marriage discrimination by giving same-sex couples equal marriage rights to heterosexual couples. I was there in the assembly as this happened. I listened as Katy Gallagher, the […]

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cover image of language intelligence on rhetoric by joseph romm

“Language Intelligence”, Joe Romm: Rhetoric

Language Intelligence is the latest book by climate blogger Joe Romm. It is a guide to rhetoric, “the art of persuasion through the systematic use of the figures of speech.” To be more precise, it is a powerfully written and invaluable guide to rhetoric. Whether you cross swords on Q&A with Nick Minchin, speak to […]

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chris rose how to win campaigns book cover

Chris Rose’s “How to Win Campaigns”: Motivational Values

Chris Rose’s How to Win Campaigns is an asset for campaigners, particularly its chapter on Motivational Values. The chapter explains how society is composed of three distinct values-based groupings of citizens, and how messages and actions can be tailored to fit the values of each group. I explore motivational values and their implications below. I’ve […]

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The Cover image of Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela's Autobiography

“Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela: Leadership, Apartheid, and Climate Activism

Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom is a stirring book. Autobiography already has something rich and intimate about it; in Long Walk to Freedom that is combined with the nobility and inspiration of a successful struggle against injustice. In reading it, I reflected upon a few things: leadership, apartheid, and climate activism. Nelson Mandela is […]

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Why is the Climate Movement Celebrating Obama’s Re-election?

Today Barack Obama was elected to a second term as President of the United States. Also today, as a consequence of global warming, our climate system gained an amount of energy equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. In the giddy celebrations following Obama’s success, climate activists jostled over a cursory mention given in his […]

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Repower Port Augusta: the Walk for Solar

“Passengers, prepare for take off.” Blueish cabin lights illuminate my copy of Chris Rose’s How to Win Campaigns as flight DJ 247 leaves Melbourne. I’ll soon arrive in South Australia to start the journey of a lifetime, walking 300 km from Port Augusta to Adelaide in support of a campaign to build Australia’s first baseload […]

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On Moyer’s Four Roles of Social Activism

Bill Moyer’s MAP (Movement Action Plan) model for organising social movements gives social activists a conceptual framework for analysing past and contemporary social movements. One aspect of this model is “The Four Roles of Social Activism”. Moyer’s model is useful primarily because it highlights the interdependence of the four roles: he argues that “social movements […]

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Something was amiss - but in the Orwellian world of university marketing, these youths were the embodiment of students satisfaction.

On Uni and the Absence Thereof

There I was in Year 11. Sitting down with the Rector of the College, I was discussing my plans and making corresponding subject choices. ‘The world’, he told me, ‘is your oyster’. Having completed two fifths of Year 12 in Year 11, I, as per my school’s policy, went on to complete a further five […]

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ukulele aycc martin ferguson

Melbourne, 11 Months In.

I’m packing my room to move to my second Melbourne Sharehouse. Gradually emptying my bookshelf, sticking big A4 things into a calico bag, I come upon an A4 envelope from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s Meet Your Member Finale, July 2011. The consequence of open slather of Kris Kringle style good vibes, it contains lovely […]

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