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Book 21: “Madlands”, Anna Rose.

This was a very exciting book for me to read. Firstly, Anna sent me an advance proof digital copy. It was like I was an actual book reviewer. Secondly, Anna is a friend of mine and had published a book. This is exciting. Thirdly, I was conscious that this book could significantly influence the climate […]

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school talk madlands wodonga senior secondary college

Madlands and Anna Rose in Albury Wodonga

Anna Rose is just getting in to her school talk. “Do you eat food?” she asks the audience of about a hundred school students, and hands shoot up. She smiles. “We all eat food,” she say, “which is why climate change affects all of us.” Albury Wodonga. A place familiar to me from family trips […]

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Anna Rose Above It

So last night (April 26th) I had the pleasure of watching the ABC’s climate special. This involved their documentary, “I Can Change Your Mind…On Climate”, in which delayer Nick Minchin and advocate Anna Rose flit about the world talking to climate scientists who accept the climate science, and recreational bloggers or political pundits, who dispute […]

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