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a picture of mona, the museum of old and new art in hobart

David Walsh’s MONA: Art, Architecture, Life

MONA. Anticipation fills me, a pilgrim on a ferry, heading to MONA. It comes into sight: rocks leap from the bay, supporting verdant vines and the implacable exterior of what is surely becoming one of Tasmania’s and even Australia’s most compelling institutions. MONA. I’m the first off the ferry up the steps. At the top […]

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Matisse's "Jeune Femme à l'Ombrelle". I believe the style is known as 'pointilism'.

On Love as an Artform

For a while, I didn’t get art. It boggled me. You see, I am a person who expresses themselves most fragrantly in spoken words, slightly less so written ones, aptly through music, decently through dance, poorly through cooking, and, Pictionary successes notwithstanding, abysmally through visual art. So when it came to art I wondered what […]

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