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On Punch

I can gladly say that my childhood memories are cheerily replete with home-made punch. Growing up, the making of punch was one of the rituals that signified a grand occasion. We had punch at birthdays, Christmas brunches, parties. I remember the alchemic and exciting process that allowed this to happen: the preparation of cold tea; […]

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Me, about to describe.

The Name Hat Game

This game is a winner. I’ve played it countless times in different settings, and every time those losers who started out cynical come around to it in no time at all. I learnt it from a Canadian and the game has since spread around the Australia like wildfire. Last night I played three straight games […]

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This game is highly absorbing and a committed group can easily spend hours playing it. It has strict and highly prescribed rules, however the application of these rules largely comes down to the whim of the mob. It is the unpredictable and subtle way that decisions are made that lends this game such elegance. The […]

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