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I'm facilitating a workshop at the Fairly Educated Conference.

Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence

I used to think I was pretty great at facilitation. I had the methods down. I’d done the workshops. Heck, I’d run the workshops. And jeez, I had experience: meetings, training, you name it. As it happens though, I stank. I’m reminded of John Searle’s thought experiment, the Chinese room. Sure I was executing the […]

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Quick Energiser for a Circle, #2

Another gem from the good folks at The Groupwork Institute of Australia! Is it only 20 minutes until afternoon tea, but people are already losing energy? Nothing like this 3-minute bad-boy to get the energy up just enough to finish. Get everybody to stand in a circle. Ask them to think in their head of […]

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Quick Energiser in a Circle

I learnt this energiser through The Groupwork Institute of Australia – it is a handy one to keep a group going when there isn’t much time. Everybody stands in a circle. Taking turns around the circle, each person does an action and sound, both of which are then copied by the others in the circle. […]

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