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How the Language of Love Limits Relationships

Some time ago a droll thing happened to me. A friend said of a couple known to us, “they don’t really act like a couple.” At the time, this friend and I were having dinner, just the two of us. Just before, we had a go together on a set of swings. As our night […]

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“Planet Word”, J. P. Davidson: On Language

J. P. Davidson’s Planet Word maintained the reputation of books about language as highly enjoyable reads. The first book I read on philology, Wordwatching, I finished late last year. It’s fairer to say it devoured me than vice-versa; I promptly ordered a copy for my philologically-inclined papa. Until then I hadn’t quite grasped that a casual […]

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Anna Rose Above It

So last night (April 26th) I had the pleasure of watching the ABC’s climate special. This involved their documentary, “I Can Change Your Mind…On Climate”, in which delayer Nick Minchin and advocate Anna Rose flit about the world talking to climate scientists who accept the climate science, and recreational bloggers or political pundits, who dispute […]

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On Punch

I can gladly say that my childhood memories are cheerily replete with home-made punch. Growing up, the making of punch was one of the rituals that signified a grand occasion. We had punch at birthdays, Christmas brunches, parties. I remember the alchemic and exciting process that allowed this to happen: the preparation of cold tea; […]

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Me, about to describe.

The Name Hat Game

This game is a winner. I’ve played it countless times in different settings, and every time those losers who started out cynical come around to it in no time at all. I learnt it from a Canadian and the game has since spread around the Australia like wildfire. Last night I played three straight games […]

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Book 2: “Plain English”, Blamires

Communication is amazing. The concept of taking something from my mind and encoding it to create something similar in the minds of the encodement’s audience is, frankly, remarkable. Yet we daily engage in these transactions without a second thought as we speak, read and write. These encodements can be less precise and more fluid (think […]

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