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Chris Mitchell Perth, April 6: With 65.0% of the vote counted, the Greens have failed to win a second senate seat in the critical WA Senate re-election. Despite an all-out campaign and the second highest level of campaign expenditure, the Greens barely broke quota, garnering a mere 16.2% of the primary vote. This represents a […]

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the hunger games

Books 16,17,18: “The Hunger Games Trilogy”, Suzanne Collins

I read the three Hunger Games books in as many days. This was a bit awkward. The movie was so big and well-known, the books almost as much, and here I was being very mainstream and uncool. I guess that’s what happens when one is in Adelaide and not Melbourne. Because of the books’ popularity, […]

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On Dumping “The Australian”

I have had an experience that I think is probably a big part of growing up and maturing as a person. It is the experience of looking back on a past relationship that you ended hesitantly but which, in hindsight, you are glad to be done with. It’s funny to look back and think about […]

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Training Retreat for the Madlands Book Tour – Day 1

It’s the morning of Friday May 4th. Brrr. I skulk in to a shower then knock back stewed pear with muesli. I slot my laptop in to my bag and am out the door, heading to catch the 7:22 am bus from Separation Street. Outside TripleR radio I meet Anna Rose and we catch a […]

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