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Quick Energiser in a Circle

I learnt this energiser through The Groupwork Institute of Australia – it is a handy one to keep a group going when there isn’t much time. Everybody stands in a circle. Taking turns around the circle, each person does an action and sound, both of which are then copied by the others in the circle. […]

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Are You There Jenkins?

This game is what you make of it. A simple premise can be turned in to hours of entertainment, if you are willing to be somewhat sillier than average. The aim is for one player ‘The Gentry’, to gently strike the other player, ‘Jenkins’. The game involves two players but rotates and can include a […]

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Ninja Destruction

Everyone starts by getting in a circle and bowing respectfully, with hands pressed together. As one, they call out “ninja destruction”, and jump back, striking a ninja pose. One person begins. They get to make one fluid motion. Generally, in this motion they (Player A) would try to strike the hand of another player, Player […]

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