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A photo mosaic with the profile picture of every LBLer. Concept credit goes to Glen Berman.

Lessons from Oaktree’s “Live Below the Line”

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working on the hugely successful campaign Live Below the Line (LBL). This campaign asks individuals to live on $2 a day for five days (henceforth known as “the challenge”) to have an eye-opening experience about what it’s like to live in extreme poverty. Participants receive sponsorship to take the […]

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Why You Should Too

I realise that activism isn’t for everyone. While I find gigs interesting, games of capture the flag interesting, I also find attending forums, plenaries, conferences interesting. I also find opportunities to acquire useful skills, from making clothing to campaigning, interesting. Some of you may not find these things so interesting. Some of you may be […]

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Progress Needed Urgently

I wrote this piece around 2009. Much has changed since then: my examples are now a little dated, not to mention that the climate science has only got worse. My expression has also got much better! Also my use of the gerund. What hasn’t changed is this piece’s central thesis – that climate change is […]

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